Our Benefits

Whether you’re thinking about growing your family, continuing your education, or saving for retirement, we’ve got you covered.

Our benefits include comprehensive health insurance, paid parental leave, a generous retirement plan, and more.

Comprehensive health insurance

You can opt for a PPO or a high-deductible medical plan, as well as dental and vision insurance. You can also set aside funds in a tax-free flexible spending account to help you save on medical expenses.

Retirement icon

Retirement plan

Once you’ve hit the six-month mark at the College Board, we'll contribute double the amount you put in your TIAA retirement plan each year, up to 10% of your annual salary.

PTO icon

Paid time off

In addition to enjoying major holidays away from the office—including the whole week before New Year’s Day—you’ll get up to 20 PTO days and 10 sick days each year.

Parental leave icon

Paid parental leave

All new parents, regardless of gender, get up to 8 weeks of paid leave. This includes adoptive parents, biological parents, and foster parents.

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Tuition assistance

It’s no secret we think higher education should be accessible to everyone. Through our tuition assistance program, you and your children could receive thousands of dollars a semester to help pay for college.

Charitable matching icon

Charitable matching

When you give to one of the charitable organizations we partner with, we’ll match donations of up to $1,000 per employee each year. All the organizations we support help to further our mission to connect students to college success and opportunity.

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Pet insurance

Family members come in all sizes, species, and amounts of fur—and some of the furriest have the hardest time covering their medical expenses. Our pet insurance policy can help offset the cost of routine care and unexpected illness or injury.

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Wellness support

We offer a variety of mind and body wellness programs to help you feel your best: Health fairs that feature nutritional counseling, biometric screenings, and chair massages; on-site flu shots.