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10% Retirement matching

To help you save for retirement, we'll match your 403(b) contribution at a 2:1 ratio up to a 10% employer match. That means if you contribute 5% of your salary, we'll contribute 10%.

Comprehensive health insurance

You’ll have the option of a PPO or a high-deductible medical plan, as well as dental and vision insurance. We want you and your family to be healthy and happy.

Charitable matching

When employees donate to one of our partner charities, we’ll match the donation up to $1,000.

Generous time off

Whether you’ve been working at the College Board for five days or five years, you'll get up to 20 PTO days and up to 10 paid sick days every year. We want you to take vacations (and get some rest if you're sick).

Paid parental leave

New parents—regardless of gender—get up to eight weeks of paid leave.

Tuition reimbursement

You and your dependents could receive thousands of dollars a semester to continue your education.

Pet insurance

Family members come in all sizes, species, and amounts of fur—and some of the furriest have the hardest time covering their own medical expenses. Our pet insurance policy can help offset the costs for routine care and unexpected illness or injury.