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Everyone has a seat at the table. We value different points of view, and we encourage our employees to share their ideas, offer constructive criticism, and ask questions. That’s how we learn.

Diversity and Inclusion

We want our staff to reflect the diversity of the students and communities we serve and be their unique, authentic selves. If we were the same, we’d be boring. And we’re not boring.


We’re innovating the way we work by embracing the Agile philosophy of customer-driven priorities, teamwork, and flexibility. We want our employees to be fearless in trying new things and challenging old ways of thinking. We value imagination, agility, and the willingness to learn from mistakes as well as successes.


Our offices are modern, airy, and open, with plenty of space for impromptu work sessions or team lunches. We encourage team-building and walk-and-talk meetings, because getting out of the office and moving around can jump-start new ideas.


We understand you have a life outside the office, and we don’t want you to burn out. We ask you to perform at your best while at work, but we also offer 14 holidays, up to 20 PTO days, and up to 10 sick days.

Our Competencies

The College Board Competencies are a set of four simple, straightforward characteristics and behaviors we believe make a great College Board employee.

Generosity in service of students, colleagues, and partners

We’re looking for people who pay close attention to the needs of others and respond to them; treat all colleagues with respect, kindness, and candor; and care about others’ success as much as their own.

Command of evidence and technology

We value critical thinkers who assess the accuracy and relevancy of data and use it to support ideas and solve problems; who communicate clearly and concisely; and who make it a point to master the technologies relevant to their work.

Getting things done, with a premium on quality

An ideal College Board employee takes pride in doing excellent work and meeting deadlines; is always looking to learn and improve their skills; and actively seeks (and welcomes) new, simpler ways to work.

Be a great boss

A great boss makes sure the members of their team have clear roles and responsibilities; recognizes their strengths and cultivates their superpowers; and works to attract and keep the people who are the best fit for the job.


At our hackathons, IT team members with an appetite for innovation and hands-on problem solving work together to learn new technologies and develop solutions to real-world business problems.

Pencils Down

At our companywide retreat, we take a break to reconnect with each other and our mission through good food, inspiring guest speakers, and employee talent shows. One of the highlights is hearing directly from students. There’s no better reminder of why we do what we do.

Affinity Groups

Our four staff-led affinity groups promote awareness of issues related to cultural diversity and support the professional development of women and members of the African American, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities.

College Board Cares

We match donations of up to $1,000 per employee when they give to one of our partner charities. All the organizations we support help to further our mission to connect students to college success and opportunity.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The College Board is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and to providing a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.

If you need assistance applying for one of our open positions, please send us an email.