Diversity and Inclusion

Our differences make us stronger.

The core mission of the College Board is to get more students from more backgrounds into college. Equal opportunity and fair access are the guiding principles of our work and our hiring.

A More Diverse Future — For Students and Us

To achieve our mission of serving all students, we need an incredible range of experiences and perspectives on our team. We need talented, diverse leaders. We need a welcoming, open-minded culture. Those goals drive decision making at the highest levels of the College Board, and leaders are held accountable for constant improvement and measurable results by the Steering Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, which reports directly to Elissa Kim, SVP of Global Strategy and Talent.

Our Key Objectives

Clarity and Transparency

Effective and transparent processes that make it easier for each of us to do our best work every day. There can be no progress without clarity and transparency.

Recruiting Broadly

Recruiting and selection practices that increase diversity. We're making the interview processes (rubrics, training, etc.) more structured, standardized, and evidence based so we recruit broadly and hire better.

Inclusive Culture

An inclusive culture developed from the top down, and from the bottom up. Enlightened leaders and policies are vital, but so is close attention to the small, daily interactions that make people feel welcome.

Building a diverse, welcoming organization isn’t a one-time project. It has to be a permanent and vital part of our culture. We will constantly learn, grow, make mistakes, revise, and refine. The best and most important thing we can do is show, every day, a willingness to extend grace to all our colleagues.

Elissa Kim, SVP of Global Strategy and Talent and Executive Lead of the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee

Affinity Groups: All Are Welcome

Our affinity groups are made up of staff who volunteer to lead efforts that strengthen the standing of traditionally underrepresented groups in the workplace. This work is fully encouraged and supported by College Board leadership. The groups promote cultural diversity and awareness, provide personal and professional development opportunities, and sustain our mission to support excellence and equity in education. All College Board staff are welcome to join any or all affinity groups.

The Alliance for Asian Retention, Inclusion, Success, and Engagement (ARISE)

ARISE is dedicated to strengthening a sense of community among and promoting a more inclusive work environment for, and improving recruitment, development, and retention of, Asians at College Board.

DIASPORA: Alliance for Pan-African Success and Achievement

DIASPORA focuses on supporting Pan-African cultural diversity at the College Board. Members advocate for recruitment activities that reach the Pan-African community and organize networking opportunities and activities that highlight the achievements of Pan-Africans.


PRIDE focuses on the LGBTQIA+ community, both at the College Board and among the students we serve. PRIDE empowers its members to bring their authentic selves to work each day and works to deepen College Board understanding of the challenges many LGBTQIA+ students face as they aspire to earn a college degree.


Resilience is a network of College Board staff who will organize opportunities for networking, recruitment, and professional development, promote cultural diversity awareness, and identify additional ways Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian staff and advocates can strengthen the College Board mission.

Staff Alliance for Latinx Success and Achievement (SALSA)

SALSA strengthens the Latinx community at College Board by celebrating Latinx culture, bringing awareness of Latinx issues to the organization, and advocating for employee and student success.

Women’s Impact Network (WIN)

WIN’s mission is to support and empower all women at the College Board. The group works to strengthen women’s leadership skills and increase networking opportunities within the organization. A subgroup, WIN Mamas, focuses on the specific needs and concerns of mothers in the workplace.