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Opportunities in IT

We’re ready to replace many of our legacy monolithic applications with microservices on an elastic cloud infrastructure, and we need highly skilled, cutting-edge technology professionals to help us with the transition.

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Opportunities in Operations

We’re modernizing all aspects of our operations, investing in infrastructure, and increasing our digital footprint—and we need a visionary operations team with an eye toward excellence.

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Our IT North Stars

Our North Stars are the principles that guide us toward the most modern and efficient ways of working with our colleagues, both inside and outside the organization.

  1. Agile: This is how we strategize, prioritize, and plan work together on a quarterly basis and then do the work in two-week sprints.
  2. Core: This is when we decide who should do the work—should we use a vendor or keep it in house?
  3. Microservices, Amazon Cloud, and Data as a Service: These inform the technical aspects of how we do the work. They provide elasticity, scalability, flexibility, and nimbleness.
  4. Continuous Integration: This involves automated testing and the deployment of working code.
  5. DevOps: Short for “development operations,” DevOps is the concept of creating dedicated teams to build and operate our services.